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A petite but intense woman, Submaryne is like the pearls found inside seashells: rare and mysterious. The tone of her voice, also seeming to issue from the depths of the ocean, pleasantly submerges the listener in the strongest of feelings.

A native of Lausanne, Submaryne is 21 and has been singing all her life. Self-taught, she began to compose in English when, during a solo trip to Australia, she felt the need to express what she was experiencing and who she was meeting as well as her loves and emotions. Following this, and luckily for us, she decided to pick up her guitar and give us the opportunity for a private encounter, an intimate exchange that conveys all her beautiful energy and her unique Pop-Rock universe.

The young woman’s innocence fades as soon as she begins to sing. A disconcerting maturity takes its place in her sweet but ultra-powerful voice. It’s almost as if she is knowingly addressing each of our personal emotions by singing of her own. She carries us away on the rhythm of her ardour for an adventure unearthed on the other side of the planet under the dazzling Australian sun.

Time stops and our emotions unite in the purity of our memories. It is precisely here, in this intimate feeling of nostalgia, that Submaryne takes us with her. She lives her music completely. She expresses her hopes, her melancholy, her madness, her resentments, her pleasures and her desires in order to perfectly convey her vision: freedom!

Her first EP of acoustic tracks (featuring notably ‘Sugar Man’ by Sixto Rodriguez and ‘Addicted to You’ by Avicii) is expected at the beginning of summer 2018.